Why publish with Pharmascope

Pharmascope journals publish high quality articles with the aim to provide open access to the scientific community of pharmaceutical sciences. We continue to work hard to support our authors who trust us to publish their work.

Here are just some of the benefits we provide:

  • All our journals are fully open access.
  • Our journal articles are submitted to all known abstracting and indexing services.
  • Article statistics service is provided by Pharmascope journals.
  • Expert reviewers and editors will follow code of publication ethics.
  • The time for initial decision is 10 days.
  • High quality and fast production:
  • Articles are being accessed worldwide.
  • Simple and effective online submission and peer review with contextual help system
  • Authors can track the progress of their articles throughout the process (submitted, with handling editor, with reviewers, initial decision, authors revising, re-submitted, editorial decision, in press and published) using dedicated dashboard of authors. 
  • Our article processing charges (APCs) are the lowest amongst all publishers
  • We provide waiver on APCs for selected authors on quality basis those works are not funded.
  • Article processing charges are fixed regardless of the length of the article, number of authors, tables or images.