Published: Apr 29, 2019

Assessment of knowledge and attitude on organ donation among adults in selected areas

782-786 Jayabharathi B, Sangeetha Jagdish G, Devika M, Akila M

Effect of metformin gel against imiquimod–induced psoriasis in mice

795-802 Haider F. Alsaedi, Haider Falih Shamikh Al-Saedi, Adeeb Ahmed Kadhim Al-Zubaidy, Mukhallad Abdul Kareem Ramadhan, Hussein Abdelamir Mohammad

Effect of vitamin C supplementation on serum Cotinine, MDA and vitamin C levels in smokeless Tobacco chewers

803-811 Jaywant Thorat, Anand Joshi, Ajit Sontakke, Kanchan Wingkar

Is Nitric oxide the missing link in glucose homeostasis? A study on correlation of Nitric oxide and Insulin Resistance in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

820-825 Ramya K, Gowri Sethu, Dhanasekar T

Anti-glycation study of hydro-alcohol and aqueous extracts of Moroccan plant species

826-837 Ramdan B, Ramdan R, El Karbane M, El Maadoudi M, Ben Mrid R, Nhiri M

Antidermatophytic, the anticancer and antioxidant activity of Cassia alata ethanolic extract and its phytochemical analysis

838-845 Sujatha J, Rajeshkumar S, Lakshmi T

Green synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles using Cassia fistula and its antibacterial activity

856-860 Swathi N, Sandhiya D, Rajeshkumar S, Lakshmi T

Preparation of yeast mediated semiconductor nanoparticles by Candida albicans and its bactericidal potential against Salmonella typhi and Staphylococcus aureus

861-864 Venkat Kumar S, Sowmya B, Geetha R, Karpagambigai S, Jacquline Rosy P, Rajeshkumar S, Lakshmi T

A novel RP- HPLC method development and forced degradation studies for semaglutide in active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical dosage form

865-873 Arun Kumar Kuna, Ganapaty S, Radha GV

Formulation development and in-vitro characterisation of ethosomes for the enhanced transdermal delivery of clotrimazole

874-882 Vidya Viswanad, Anju PG, Gopika S Kumar, Sivapriya G Nair

Docking, Screening, Synthesis of 4-hydroxy-6-methyl-2-phenyl-1-benzofuran-3(2H)-one derivatives as new leads for anti-cancer activity

883-895 Raghava Doonaboyina, Abhilasha Mittal, Sridhar Babu Gummadi

Computational design, Synthesis of 4,6-dihydroxy-2-phenyl-1-benzofuran-3(2H)-one derivatives as new leads for anti-cancer activity

896-908 Raghava Doonaboyina, Abhilasha Mittal, Sridhar Babu Gummadi

Detection of BCR-ABL gene in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia patients treated with Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Drugs by Gene Expert System

Maysaa Ali Abdul Khaleq, Hussein Ali Saheb, Ahmed M Sultan, Mohsen A. N. Alrodhan

Comparative studies on phytochemistry, antioxidant and antibacterial activity of direct and sequential extracts of chromolaena odorata leaves

914-921 Udaya Prakash N K, Sriraman V, Devika V, Peneena V, Sripriya N, Bhuvaneswari S, Sampathkumar B

Comparison of the effect of salt water rinse, sugar-free chewing gum and tooth brushing on the pH of saliva

922-926 Manisha, Deepa Gurunathan, Senthil Kumar M

Reverse phase-UPLC method of analysis for simultaneous estimation of Levosalbutamol sulphate, Guaiphenesin and Ambroxol hydrochloride in pharmaceutical cough, cold liquid dosage forms

927-934 Kiran Kumar A, Balakrishnan M, Chandrasekhar Kothapalli Bannoth

Anti-oxidant, Cytotoxic and Apoptotic studies of root bark assisted Silver Nanoparticles from Aphanamixis polystachya

943-950 Rajashree Gude, Arun B. Joshi, Anant Bhandarkar

A study on assessment of sleep pattern among school-going adolescents in semi-urban Chennai

951-954 Deekshanth Ramakrishnan, Radha Kumar

Isatin – a potent anti-microbial agent

955-970 Kosaraju Lahari, Raja Sundararajan

Evaluation of the effect of exposure to coal mine dust on the lipid profile and liver function markers

971-974 Ganesan S, Sangeetha R

A futuristic perspective in subsiding the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

975-989 Sreeja C Nair , Sujaid Thayyilakandy, Arjun KK, Gayathri Krishnakumar, Gayathri PS

Isolation of multidrug-resistant bacteria from the hospital environment

990-996 Mahavir Joshi, Sukhminderjit Kaur, Bhavkiara Shergill, Sonali Sood, Mishra Tulika

Cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sp) using different substrates and evaluate their potentials of antibacterial and phytochemicals

997-1001 Sangeetha K, Senthilkumar G, Panneerselvam A, Sathammaipriya N

Diagnostic performance of heart-type fatty acid binding protein and high sensitive-cardiac troponin in patients in an emergency department sus-pected of acute myocardial infarction

1002-1006 Bashar J Hussein, Basil O Saleh, Nazar N Abbas

Development and validation of indocyanine green assay in human plasma using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with PDA detector

1007-1012 Sumith K Mathew, Blessed Winston A, Aswathy Mathew, Jeana Jacob, Ratna Prabha, Binu Susan Mathew

Antibacterial and Antifungal potential of acetone, ethanol and methanolic extract of marine red algae Gelidium amansii

1013-1018 Nagalingam M, Rajeshkumar S, Panneerselvam A, Lakshmi T

Anti-inflammatory activity of Punica granatum extract on oral microbes - In vitro

1019-1022 Westeros Dominic Pereira, Geetha RV, Lakshmi Thangavelu

Estimation Of Bacterial Load In Patients Wearing Metallic And Ceramic Brackets

1023-1028 Ashik Ahamed A, Geetha RV, Lakshmi Thangavelu

Evaluation of renal and liver function in petrol station workers in Kirkuk city

1029-1034 Dlawer Abdulhammed Ahmad AL-Jaff

Effect of green tea on obesity and serum lipid profiles in both normo- and hyper-cholesterolemic rabbits

1035-1041 Dlawer Abdulhammed Ahmad AL-Jaff

Biological evaluation of synthesised thiazolidinedione derivatives for anti-diabetic activity on STZ caused diabetes in rats

1042-1048 Geetha B, Swarnalatha G, Subba Reddy GV

Anti-bacterial activity of three essential oils - An in vitro study

1049-1053 Geetha RV, John Rozar Raj B, Lakshmi Thangavelu

The anti-carcinogenic activity of Hydrastis Canadensis on oral cancer cell lines

1054-1057 Geetha RV, Monica Antony, Lakshmi Thangavelu

An in silico study on plant-derived inhibitors against a prognostic Biomarker, Jab1

1058-1061 Fahad Khan, Pratibha Pandey, Rashmi Mishra, Niraj Kumar Jha, Shweta Sharma

Hypolipidaemic effect of alcoholic extracts of the plants Curcuma longa and Guatteria gaumeri

1062-1068 Venkatesan H, Rohitpaul

The effect of immersion different dietary media on the stretched clear elastic chains: An in vitro study

1069-1076 Athraa A. Abass

Preparation and diagnosis of some new isoxazoles compounds

Chrysin protects mice liver and kidney from methandienone-induced oxi-dative ‎stress, inflammation a multi-biomarker approach

1081-1088 Marwah Y. Falih, Abbas A. Mohammed, Ghassan M. Sulaiman

Development of a Validated Questionnaire to Assess Attitude of Patient to-wards Self-Management among uncontrolled diabetic population in Tamil Nadu

1089-1095 Ashok Kumar M, Shanmugasundaram P

Study of the effect of exposure to Phytoestrogens (Genistein) and estradiol (17β- estradiol) in the level of gene expression (CYP19A1) and quantifica-tion of aromatase in female rats

1096-1102 Ahmed Nassir Faisal, Hanaa enaya mahod

Factors affecting the fetal & maternal outcome in a trial of labour after previous one caesarean section

1110-1117 Aseel Ghazi Rifat

Influence of maternal parameters on the morphometry of hypertensive and normotensive placenta

1118-1123 Akshara VR, Kumar Sai Sailesh, Ramakrishnan PK, SeemaValsalan E, Chitra S, Benjamin W

The effectiveness of TIPER (Tailor Made Interventional Package to Enhance Relaxation) on depression, anxiety and stress among elders at old age homes, Puducherry

1124-1126 Prakash P, Nappinai Seran, Navaneetha, Malarvizhi, Pradeep Thilakan

Neuromodulatory effects of aqueous extract of Coriandrum sativum seeds against acrylamide induced toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster#

1127-1135 Sathya N Prasad, Muralidhara

Synthesis, characterisation and antibacterial evaluation of some novel 1-phenyl-1h-tetrazole-5-thiol derivatives

1136-1142 Athraa H Mekky, Sajida M Thamir

Absorption enhancement effect of piperine and chitosan on ganciclovir sol-id lipid nanoparticles: formulation, optimization and invivo pharmacoki-netics

1143-1151 Ravindra Babu M, Ravi Prakash P, Devanna N

Association of stress and eating behaviour with premenstrual syndrome

1152-1156 Laxmi Sanjana Gadde, Srilatha Bashetti, Harika Maddisetty, Harshita Rao Balguri, Kumar Sai Sailesh

Semi-mechanistic modelling of neutropenia

1157-1160 Elham Alshammari

Prevalence of periodontitis among smokers and non-smokers

1161-1166 Palak Mayur Shah, Geetha RV, Lakshmi Thangavelu

Antimitotic activity of Piper nigrum on clinical isolates of candida

1167-1171 Gayathri Karthikeyan, Geetha RV, Lakshmi Thangavelu

Anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial activity effects of the ellagic acid extract

1172-1180 Suhad Faisal Hatem Al-Mugdadi, Basma Talib Al-Sudani, Raghad Abdulmahdi Mohsin, Ali Jalil Mjali

Protective role of eclipta alba against hyperlipidemia induced by high-fat diet in albino rats

1181-1184 Satheesh Naik K, Gurushanthaiah M, Nagesh Raju G, Lokanadham S, Seshadri Reddy V

Prediction of the allergic response of extracellular amylase producing bacteria through in-silico method

1185-1189 Neha Sharma, Shuchi Kaushik, Rajesh Singh Tomar

Cytological and histopathological studies on the effect of honey in experi-mentally infected wounds in Wistar rats

1190-1195 Neeraja Rani Guruvu, Bandaru Narasinga Rao, Vijayaraghavan R, Sukumar E, Senthilkumar Sivanesan

Efficacy of e-beam irradiation on shelf-life and accompanied changes in major metabolites of Desmodium gangeticum (L.) DC., an Ayurveda medicinal plant

1196-1204 Rajina M, Khaleel K M

Effectiveness of Academic Role-play in Understanding the Clinical Concepts in Medical Education

1205-1208 Sai Sailesh Kumar Goothy, Sirisha D, Movva Swathi

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory action of Laurus nobilis - an in vitro study

1209-1213 Maajida Aafreen M, Geetha RV, Lakshmi Thangavelu

Effectiveness of Intellectual Learning in Dentistry Practices on self-esteem, negative affectivity, social inhibition and cognitive functions in undergrad-uate students

1214-1217 Sai Sailesh Kumar Goothy, Ravikanth Manyam, Gauthami S Penumatsa, Chandrashekar R, Sudhakara Reddy R, Augustin, Jebaselvi A, Swathi Movva

A Survey on Awareness of Dengue Among Public

1218-1221 Sai Sandhya T, Geetha RV, Lakshmi Thangavelu

Evaluation of the hepatotoxicity of the anti-diabetic drug Diarid: An ayurvedic formulation in white swiss albino mice

1222-1227 Deepa PK, Akshara VR, Andrews A, Umesh SP

Evaluation of the anti-mycotic activity of Rosemary Oil Against Candida al-bicans

1228-1232 Shebi S, Geetha RV, Lakshmi Thangavelu Lakshmi Thangavelu

Protein profile of the most common fungi at Sultan Idris education univer-sity, Malaysia

1233-1237 Ghassan Hadi, Mai Shihah Abdullah, Rosmilah Misnan

Extraction of Phytochemical Constituents from the root of Eclipta Alba through Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry procedure

1238-1242 Satheesh Naik K, Gurushanthaiah M, Kavimani M, Mahesh GM

Difference in height of maxillary alveolar ridge on edentulous women and dentate women using panoramic radiography

1243-1248 Cek Dara Manja, Dennis

Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of fused heterocyclic compound [1,2,4] triazolo [4,3-b][1,2,4,5] tetra zine

1254-1258 Bassam A. Hassan, Hameedi N Nasera, Maitham M. Abdulridha

An experimental study to assess the effectiveness of fresh amla juice with elemental iron versus elemental iron supplementation on anemia among adolescent girls in selected school at Chennai

1259-1265 Devi JK, Jainvanitha, Fabiola Dharaj, Vasantha S

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Brassica juncea (Mustard) and Silk dye-ing effluent’s impact on the spectral studies

1266-1272 Sumayya AR, Saranya R S, Sivagami srinivasan, Mohammed Rafiqkhan, Brindha PS, Mohammed sabeek M, Sangeetha S

Measurement of Serum Chemerin and Deoxypyridinoline Levels in Iraqi ‎Osteoporotic ‎Postmenopausal Women with and without Metabolic Syn-drome

1273-1278 Rana Ali Hamdi

Effect of Long term bilateral and unilateral vestibular stimulation in cogni-tion in scopolamine-induced dementia

1279-1288 Archana R, Jinu KV, J K Mukkadan

Clinical implications morphometric study of the cervical spine on MRI

Swati S.More, Anita R. Gune, Jeetendra K. Patil

The effectiveness of vestibular stimulation by rocking and vestibular exer-cises on postural stability, depression, anxiety and stress in elderly

1293-1297 Sahaya Rani, Archana R, Shyla Kamala Kumari

Urinary N-telopeptide- A diagnostic Test or A Screening Test?

1298-1301 Ganesan G Ram, Jambu N

Comparing the accuracy of Manual Tracing to Digital Tracing – Angular Measurements

1302-1306 Shreya Kishore, Saravana Dinesh SP, Srirengalakshmi, Arvind Sivakumar

Correlation of nerve growth factor with antioxidants and sperm parameters among Iraqi infertile males

1307-1313 Shaymaa Jawad Abdulrahman, Ibtisam A. AL-Ali, Thikra Abd Aun Hassan, Ammar Mohammed Qassim

Bioanalytical method development and validation of garenoxacin mesylate in human plasma by RP-HPLC

1314-1320 Ajitha A, Sujatha K, Abbulu K

A randomized clinical trial investigating pain associated with Bio-kinetic plus nickel–titanium and Conventional nickel-titanium archwires during the initial hours of levelling and aligning the phase of orthodontic treatment

1321-1326 Shreya Kishore, Saravana Dinesh SP, Srirengalakshmi, Arvind Sivakumar

Influence of Diallyl disulphide on Hepatic Gluconeogenesis suppression by CREB Binding protein phosphorylation

1327-1331 Prashanthkumar Goudappala, Ethirajan Sukumar, Kashinath RT

Comparing the rate of retraction in canines in males and females

1332-1339 Shreya Kishore, Saravana Dinesh SP, Srirengalakshmi, Arvind Sivakumar

Comparing the rotational control during canine retraction using two different bracket systems – Synergy and Self Ligating brackets – Split mouth study

1346-1353 Shreya Kishore, Saravana Dinesh SP, Srirengalakshmi, Arvind Sivakumar

Interleukin-1β, interleukin-6 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha levels in blood and saliva in hypothyroidism accompanied with periodontitis

1361-1366 Sahar H. Al-Hindawi, Batool Hassan Al-Ghurabi

Spectrophotometric determination of methyldopa in pharmaceutical preparation via ion pair formation

1367-1371 Khalaf F Al Samarrai, Eman Thiab A Al Samarrai, Baidaa Adnan Al Samarrai

Development of protocol for screening of formulation attributes and the assessment of common quality problems in oleuropein loaded nanostructured lipid carriers

1382-1391 Sucharitha P, Satyanarayana SV, Bhaskar Reddy K

Spectrophotometric determination of neomycin sulphate in tablets form via reaction with ninhydrin reagent

1392-1396 Khalaf F Alsamarrai, Menaa Abdulsalam Al-Abbasi, Eman Thiab Alsamarrai

Comparison of acute and delayed antiemetic effect of adding Aprepitant to Odansitron ‎and Dexamethasone regimen ‎in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy

1397-1404 Dara Abdulla Mohammed, Esraa Ghazy Jabar, May Siddik Al-Sabbagh, Hayder Adnan Fawzi

Biological effective dose, cumulative radiation dose, risk of malignancy and mortality rate estimation in adult patients who have a history of cancer and exposed to recurrent computed tomography

1405-1409 Amjaad Majeed Hameed, Dergham Majeed Hameed

Memory enhancing effect of Nelumbo nucifera seedpod extract and its active component quercetin in noise stress-exposed rats

1410-1415 Ruvanthika PN, Manikandan S, Vishnu Priya V

Hide and seek in pathology- A research on game-based histopathology learning

1410-1414 Brundha MP, Deepak Nallaswamy

Effects of flipped class based teaching in orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics – A prospective study

1415-1419 Deepak Nallaswamy V, Saravana pandian S, Subha M

Spectrophotometric method for the determination of benzocaine by cerium ammonium sulphate with promethazine hydrochloride in pure and phar-maceuticals preparation

1420-1423 Amal H. Mhemeed

Mechanical properties improvement of epoxy composites by natural hy-droxyapatite from fish scales as a fillers

1424-1429 Majhool AA, Zainol I, Azziz SSSA, Aiza Jaafar CN

Development and evaluation of Punica granatum fruit based herbal lipstick

1430-1434 Venkatalakshmi Raganathan, Chan Xia Pyng, Prasanthi Sri

Socio-demographic profile of a sample of drug dependent patients who visit the psychiatric unit at Al Dewanyea teaching hospital, Iraq

1435-1439 Sahar Albermany

The validity of carbohydrate antigen 19-9 in serum and saliva as a new type for diagnosis in Iraqi kids having cystic fibrosis

1440-1443 Maryam Qussay Issa, Shatha MJ AL-Khateeb, Hala Sameh Arif, Muhi Kadhem AL-Janabi

In vitro anti-motility and antispasmodic effects of Garcinia mangostana extracts in isolated chicken ileum preparation

1444-1447 Michelle Ooi Yi Ching, Sasikala Chinnappan, Mogana Sundari Rajagopal

Level of pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients with transfusion-related acute lung injury - Multiple comparisons between patients, controls and donor

1448-1455 Adil Shaker Al-Tamimi, Israa A. Dheeb

Detection of duodenal giardia using giemsa stain

1456-1459 Ali Fadhil Hashim

Antimicrobial activity of some Bacillus spp. Separated from the soil

1460-1463 Zhara Tareq Abdulhameed Baqqal, Rafal Mhaidi Younus, Saja Dhyaaldain Mustafa

The effect of polyamide microparticles addition on some mechanical prop-erties of light-cured acrylic resin

1464-1469 Adnan R. Al Assal, Abdalbaset A Fatalla, Mohammed Moudhaffar, Ghasak H Jani

Phytochemical study in ethanolic leaves extract of Aloe vera using Gas chromatography

1470-1473 Jannathul firdous, Karpagam T, Varalakshmi, Sugunabai J, Gomathi S, Revathy, Noorzaid Muhamad

Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated from various clinical samples of the patients attending in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Puducherry

1474-1480 Vamsi Muni Krishna P, Sreenivasulu Reddy V, Praveen Kumar V, Suresh P

Antibiotics susceptibility patterns of Citrobacter freundii isolated from pa-tients with urinary tract infection in Al-Najaf governorate – Iraq

1481-1488 Thualfakar Hayder, Ahmed Abdul Jabbar Jaloob Aljanaby

Development and radiographical evaluation of floating tablets with combination of Amoxicillin Trihydrate and Ranitidine Hydrochloride

1489-1499 Parepalli Srikanth, Hemalatha S, Suggala Venkata Satyanarayana

Design, synthesis, characterization and antitubercular activity of some nov-el 2, 4-disubstituted thiazole derivatives

1504-1509 Gobala Krishnan P, Gnanaprakash K, Chandrasekhar KB

The antioxidant and antimicrobial activity for some new synthesized Schiff bases derived from Ascorbic acid

1510-1515 Taiseer Abdul-Kader Saleh, Rafah Razooq Hameed Al-Samarrai, Noor Essam Abdul-Razzaq

Evaluation of patients with myocardial infarction undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) using low dose dobutamine stress echocardiography

1516-1522 Reem Jamal Jabir, Affan Ezzat Hasan, Qasim Mohammed Jumaah, Layth Rafea Taqa

Identification of Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from pregnant women by 16srRNA gene

1523-1526 Haneen Kadhum Abdul-Hamza, Ghaidaa Jihadi Mohammed

Effect of acute Atorvastatin treatment in an experimental model of colitis

1527-1534 Mohammed J Manna, Eithar S Al-Karagoli, Zahra Shakir Fadhil

Comparative evaluation of antiulcer activity of combination of extracts of Embilica officinalis Gaertn and Musa sapientum Linn in rats

1535-1539 Keserla Bhavani, Gnanavel V, Ratna B, Jayakar B, Aanandan, Natukula Praveen Kumar, Koya Prabhakar Rao, Namburi Lakshmi Anjaneya Amarbabu

Anti-venom activities of methanol extract of Marsilea quadrifolia Linn (Marsileaceae) against Russell’s Viper venom

1540-1546 Mohanraj Subramanian, Sangameswaran Balakrishnan

Assessment of the outcome of the tubularized incised plate (T.I.P) tech-nique in the management of distal hypospadias; prospective single-centre study

1547-1550 Ahmed Abdulameer Alwan, Ahmed Ali Obaid, Hussain T. Ajeel

A comparative study for the effectiveness of Tamsulosin alone versus Tamsulosin plus Tadalafil combination as an expulsive medical treatment in the management of lower ureteric calculous in Al-Diwaniyah teaching hospital

1551-1555 Ahmed Abdulameer Alwan, Hussain T. Ajeel, Ahmed Hamza Abd

Evaluation of the effectiveness of transvaginal ovarian drilling under ultrasound guide in patients with resistant polycystic ovary syndrome to clomiphene citrate

1556-1560 Asma Z. Fadhil, Thuraya Husamuldeen Abdullah, Hayder Ali Lafta Mossa

Estimation of IgE level and Rh factor in patients with atopic dermatitis

1566-1570 Eman Wahab Kadhum

The value of 5% topical imiquimod cream for the treatment of flat warts in a sample of Iraqi patients

1571-1574 Asmaa Abdul Jaleel Swadi, Suhad Jassim Abdlkadhim, Akeel Hamed Jabur

Characterization and Spectroscopic Study of 4- (4-Nitro Benzene Azo)-3-Amino Benzoic Acid Compound by Gaussian 09 Program: A review

787-790 Barakat A. F. Kamel, Olfat O. Neif, Hanan G. Shaaban , Mohammed A. K. Alsouz

Identification of anticancer activity of phytoconstituents from mangrove

791-794 Sheela Devi A, Joseph J, Bhuvaneshwari V

Health implications of exposure to coal mine dust in workers –A Review

812-819 Ganesan S, Sangeetha R

Diagnostic Usefulness of 1, 5 Anhyroglucitol in Diabetes Mellitus: A Review

935-942 Swaminathan S, Abirami MJ, Oviya Senthilraj

A Review on the role of BCG Vaccine in type-1diabetes

1103-1109 Manjuladevi K, Rajashanmugam B, Sukhdev R, Subhash Krishnan R, Rahini P

Levetiracetam and Memory Loss

1249-1253 Elham Alshammari

Impact of herbal drugs and its clinical application

1340-1345 Vetriselvan Subramaniyan, Saminathan Kayarohanam, Ashok Kumar J, Vinoth Kumarasamy

Ethnobotanical treatments for earache and sore throat

1354-1360 Behrooz Farzan, Saber Abbaszadeh, Hassan Teimouri

Effect of natural antioxidants and important herbal medicines on blood infections and sepsis: A systematic review

1372-1381 Hamid Reza Sherkatolabbasieh, Afshin Hasanvand, Saber Abbaszadeh, Behrooz Farzan

Diatoms (Bacillariophyta) as bio-indicators

1562-1565 Ebtesam Kadem Khudher, Ahmed Sabah AL-Jasimee