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The effect of poly herbal formulation consisting of Gum acacia suspension of Aegle marmelo leaves, Eugenia jambolana seeds and Bacopa monnieri leaves (1:1:1) respectively was investigated for analgesic and anti –inflammatory activity in various experimental models of pain and inflammation. Analgesic activity of PHF (50, 100 mg/kg, I.P) was studied in rats using, tail immersion method and hot plate method. Anti-inflammatory activity of PHF (100, 150mg/kg, I.P) was studied in rats using Histamine induced edema and egg white induced rat paw edema method. PHF (100 mg/kg I.P) significantly (p<0.01) increased latency to flick tail in tail immersion method and elevated the mean basal reaction time in hot plate method compared to control (2ml of1%Gum acaia suspension). PHF (150mg/kg) significantly (p<0.01) inhibited histamine and egg white induced rat paw edema, compared to standard drug Indomethacin (20mg/kgI.P).


PHF Analgesic Anti inflammatory Indomethacin

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S.Vidya, D. Sravya, P. Neeraja, & A. Ramesh. (2011). Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of poly herbal formulation (PHF) in albino rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(3), 444-449. Retrieved from