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The effect a group of plants was tested like.  Ocimum basilicum oil Lavandula,  Azadirachata indica against Propionibacterium acne acne-causing. The results showed the effect of aquatic extracts of plant leaves under study starting from the lowest user concentration of 100 mg/ml down to the largest inhibiting zone with a concentration of 500 mg/ml. Antibiotic, bacterial allergy testing was performed with the same concentration used for medicinal plants for comparison and demonstration of the synergistic effect of both species. It is believed that the differential effect on pathogenic bacteria is caused by both types of use due to the characteristic chemical composition of the plants under study and the emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria as a result of excessive use of antibiotics or the abandonment of treatment. From this study, we recommend the introduction of medicinal plants in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the effects of antibiotics on the human body.


Lavandula Ocimum basilicum Propionibacterium Acne Azadirachata indica

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Hind Hamzah Abdulhussein, & Ghaidaa Raheem Lateef Al-Awsi. (2019). Comparing the effectiveness of the antibiotics and medicinal plants to influence the bacteria Propionibacterium acne which causing acne. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 515-518. Retrieved from