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Human beings are primary hosts for many helminthes. Most worms reproduce sexually in the human host, producing eggs or larvae that pass out of the body and infect the secondary host. Anthelmintic from natural sources may play an important role in the treatment of those parasite infections. In this view our attempt has been made to study the leaves of Garcinia cambogia by method described in details by Kuppast and Nayak. In this study petether, choloroform,and ethanolic, extracts were used and studied for paralysis and death of earthworm. The ethanol extract was found to be more effective to execute the earthworm.


Garcinia cambogia Anthelmintic activity Pheretima posthuma

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Githa Elizabeth Mathew, Bijo Mathew, Mohamed Sheneeb.M, Nyanthara, & Y.Haribabu. (2011). Anthelmintic activity of leaves of garcinia cambogia. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(1), 63-65. Retrieved from