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The aim of the present study was to determine lipid lowering property of ethanol extract of Vitex negundo linn.The phytochemical studies performed as described by Wagner et al. Acute toxicity studies were performed initially in order to determine the safety of ethanol extract of Vitex negundo linn. (EEVN). In the present study the ethanol extract of Vitex negundo L. results a significant dose dependent reduction in Total Cholesterol and Low Density Lipoprotein level when compared with Cholesterol control group. Also all the treatment groups show a little bit increase in HDL level. Up on the triglycerides level the extracts posses a significant activity when compared to Lovastatin treated groups. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the leaf of Vitex negundo L. as an anti-atherogenic agent preventing coronary artery diseases.


Total cholesterol triglycerides HDL LDL

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Githa Elizabeth Mathew, Bijo Mathew, & Sajeeth. C.I. (2011). Phytochemical evaluation and lipid lowering property of leaves of Vitex negundo linn. in hyper cholestremic rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(1), 18-22. Retrieved from

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