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Ankle sprains are common problem in daily activity its occurring at an estimated rate of more than 23,000 per day in the United States. (Kannus P, Renstrom et. Al 1991). The anterior talofibular ligament is the most commonly injured ligament and is most susceptible to injury during a plantar flexion and inversion mechanism. (Kannus Re injury may be greater in high risk of sports, athletes in reinjured rate of 73% was reported, Individuals with repeated sprained ankle may have the symptoms like pain during the activity, weakness, swelling, and functional disability. The primary objective is evaluating the effectiveness of Functional outcome in Mulligans mobilization group and compared with proprioception Group in subjects with lateral ankle sprain Participants. The purpose of the study is comparing mulligan methods versus proprioception training in lateral ankle sprain. In this study 30 subjects with unilateral ankle sprain were selected, they assigned into 2 groups consisting of 15 subjects each-Group A (control) and Group B (experimental). Group A received proprioception training methods. In group B received mulligan’s mobilizations to the affected ankle joint. After the 4 weeks of the treatment, measured the ROM, and ankle functional status, it will be measuring by GONIOMETER and AJFAT (ankle joint functional assessment tool). In this study mulligan’s mobilization group improve ankle dorsiflexion and functional activity in subjects with lateral ankle sprain. Group A is given ROM exercises, strengthening exercises and Group B is given mulligan’s mobilization. By statistical analysis our study demonstrates that significant difference From the results the values for ROM with values of (-6.92) and (-2.048) pre and post intervention shows more effective in experimental group than the control group. For the ankle joint function by AJFAT pre and post intervention values of (-0.1) and (-6.4)indicate significant difference.


Ankle joint functional assessment tool (AJFAT) Goniometry Mulligan’s mobilizations strengthening exercises

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Sivakumar C, Sudhakar S, Senthil Selvam P, & Sudhan SG. (2017). Effectiveness of Proprioception training and Mulligan’s mobilization in sub-jects with lateral ankle sprain. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(4), 754-758. Retrieved from