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Herbal medicines are commonly measured to be fewer toxic and also free from side effects, than synthetic ones. Therefore, the present study is an effort to study antihyperglycemic property of ethanolic remove of Sesbania grandifloria counter to streptozotocin encouraged diabetes. The outcome of ethanolic remove of Sesbania grandifloria on blood glucose and liver glycogen remained studied in the diabetic rats. The study also measured for the outcome of herbal extract for their outcome on SOD, catalase, GSH and LPO in the homogenates of the pancreas. The outcomes of the current study shows important antidiabetic and antioxidant possible for the selected plants alone and also in combination as a projecting reduction in blood glucose and liver glycogen remained experimental in the rats treated with the extracts of the particular plants. Likewise, the levels of the defensive antioxidant enzymes like SOD, catalase and GSH were improved along with fall in the LPO levels. The current study offers a systematic evidence for antidiabetic and antioxidant potential of Sesbania grandifloria.


Antidiabetic activity hypoglycemic activity Sesbania grandifloria

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