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Dysphagia is the main drawback of conventional dosage forms such as tablets. This has lead to treatment failure and high rate of incompliance. Mouth dissolving tablet dosage forms are developed to overcome dysphagia. This study aims to develop mouth dissolving dexamethasone tablets which are able to disintegrate and dissolve rapidly in saliva without the need of water. MDTs of dexamethasone were prepared by using natural and synthetic superdisintegrants at different concentration. Direct compression technique was used to develop the tablets. The prepared tablets were evaluated with various physiochemical parameters like thickness, hardness, friability, weight variation, wetting time, water absorption ratio, disintegration time, in vitro dispersion time and in vitro dissolution. Drug release kinetics was also studied.The prepared mouth dissolving dexamethasone tablets were found to be better in term of more rapid drug release as compared to current marketed dexamethasone tablets. Drug is releasing from tablets following first order kinetics and Fickian diffusion. Mouth dissolving tablets of dexamethasone was able to disintegrate rapidly in saliva and achieved rapid and complete drug release.


Croscarmellose sodium Guar gum Dexamethasone Mouth dissolving tablets Superdisintegrants

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Venkatalakshmi Ranganathan, Ling Mee Siew, & Sasikala Chinnappan. (2017). Effects of superdisintegrants on formulation of mouth dissolving dexameth-sone tablets. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(4), 603-607. Retrieved from