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The current study is focused on determination of organoleptic character and analyses of physicochemical, fluorescence, phytochemical and GC-MS of shade dried Ampelocissus araneosa leaves. Through the study, the extractive value of ethanol was found to be higher than ethyl acetate and the % sulphated ash value was higher followed by water soluble ash value. The value of loss on drying indicates the presence of less amount of moisture and also results of pH of suspensions (1% and 10%) of Ampelocissus araneosa showed within the range of 5-7 that indicates the suitability of plant for the human usage. The appearance of green fluorescence shows the existence of chromophore containing phytoconstituents. The ethanolic extract of Ampelocissus araneosa shows the existence of carbohydrate, steroids, alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, flavonoids and terpenoids, and absence of gums and mucilage, sterols, proteins, and phenols. The GC-MS analysis confirms the presence of 12 phytoconstituents.


Ampelocissus araneosa Leaves Ethanolic extract Organoleptic character Physicochemical Phytochemical GC-MS analysis

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Sellamuthu Venkatesh, & Angappan Sheela. (2017). Preliminary phytochemical studies on Ethanol extract of leaves of Ampelocis-sus araneosa. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(4), 549-554. Retrieved from