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Cosmetics are designed to enhance and bring out the facial features of women, beautify them, in hope to boost their confidence. One of the most commonly used and known cosmetics is lipstick. Lipstick formulations are mostly used to enhance the shape and beauty of lips and add a touch of glamour to the makeup, completing the whole look. Most of the lip product available commercially on the market globally is based on chemical compounds, with the possibility of various side effects such as skin irritation or rash to certain women with skin sensitivity issues. The chemical in the cosmetic also possesses a risk to the wider environment. In order to cope with this problem, some of the cosmetic company started creating environmentally friendly vegan products based on natural sources, creating products that possess less harm to the consumers as well as to the environment. With this aim and objectives in mind, I attempt to develop an herbal-based lipstick by using Punica granatum extract. The herbal-based lipstick was manufactured through various stages of melting, mixing, moulding, flaming and packaging. The formulated lipsticks were then evaluated for its physiochemical evaluation such as melting point, hardness, spreadability, surface anomalies, aging stability, solubility, pH, and perfume stability. The formulated lipstick will also be evaluated for its manufacturing defects such as sweating, bleeding, laddering, deformation, cratering and stability study.


Cosmetic Lipstick Punica granatum Physicochemical evaluation

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Venkatalakshmi Raganathan, Chan Xia Pyng, & Prasanthi Sri. (2019). Development and evaluation of Punica granatum fruit based herbal lipstick . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1430-1434.

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