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Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety and stress during menstruation are disrupted things in the higher education level. This study mainly focused on analyzing the relationship between psychological factors and their changes during the menstrual cycle among students of UniKL RCMP. The data collection was done by giving the questionnaire to the female students of UniKL RCMP Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. They were needed to answer the questionnaire which was self-administered by the respondents. Results showed that the younger age group were more prone to a higher level of depression and a higher level of anxiety. There was a significant correlation between anxiety level and courses among female students of UniKL RCMP. These three psychometric assessments presented in a variety of levels in relation to age, study courses and body mass index.


Anxiety Age Depression Menstrual cycle Stress

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Nursyuhaida Binti Hassan, Hakim Gharib Bilal, Resni Mona, Jannathul Firdous, & Noorzaid Muhamad. (2018). Stress and psychological changes during the menstrual cycle among medical and health science students. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 1489-1496. Retrieved from