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CSOM is a group of inflammatory disease of the middle ear and it is a worldwide disease, it is caused by bacterial, fungal and viral infection, the study aim to determine the relationship between Escherichia coli as Enterobacteriaceae group and CSOM patients, one hundred patients were included in this study with case history of CSOM, details that captured of case history about CSOM patients involve the following information: age, sex, education status and geographical distribution, among those 100 CSOM patients 10 of them appeared infected with E. coli bacteria, 6 male had a positive result of E. coli infection and the other 4 positive result patients were female, according to the age the positive E. coli infected male was ranging between (19 – 49 years old) while the age of positive E. coli infected female was ranging between (30 – 50 years old), most of the positive infected patients finished primary school and half of them are living in the city while others in the suburb, this study shows that all patients are prudent and not involve children or teenagers.


Chronic supportive Otitis Enterobacteriaceae, Wasit province

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Semaa Faisal Hassb Allah, Muntadher A. Al-Saidi, & Husam Mageed Hameed. (2018). The relationship between chronic supportive otitis media and Enterobacte-riaceae in Wasit province, Iraq. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 1486-1488. Retrieved from