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The current study aims to discover the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the failure of dental implants for patients with hypothyroidism. If 34 samples of patients were taken during the two years, taking into account gender, age, jaw location, dental implant area, prosthetic type and dental condition. The final results of the study showed the success of 25 samples of patients with hypothyroidism and their suffering from a low level of vitamin D while nine failed samples of patients with hypothyroidism suffered from low vitamin D. The study found that females who were controlled Their medical hypothyroidism lack the failure of implants while vitamin D deficiency can overcome the failure of implants in the stages of the mechanism by taking supplements.


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Malath Nabil Jafar. (2018). Success rate of dental implants in hypothyroid females in relation to vita-min D level. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 1481-1485. Retrieved from