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The present study was undertaken to clinically assess the synergistic effect of topically applied Aloe vera Chitosan to Chitosan alone on the healing of palatal donor sites in free gingival graft surgical procedures. 20 subjects (10 per group) were enrolled into this triple blinded randomized clinical trial, designed to evaluate the efficacy of Aloe vera Chitosan to Chitosan on free gingival graft surgical wounds. Subjects were assigned to either Group A (aloe vera + Chitosan) or Group B (Chitosan alone). Visual Analog Scale(VAS) and Wound healing index were recorded at 7th day, 14th day and 21 days postoperative. Results showed no statistical significance when considering VAS. However there was a statistical significance in wound healing (p=0.04) in group A when compared to group B from 14- 21st day postoperative. It is the first human trial and was a pilot study to assess the synergistic effect of Aloe vera and Chitosan on wound healing. The study has shown that a combination of both acts synergistically in accelerating healing especially in areas where faster healing is necessary to provide overall comfort to the patient. It is therefore a futuristic and a promising material as a surgical dressing with further longitudinal trials.


Aloe vera Chitosan Free Gingival Graft Gingival Recession Healing Visual Analog Scale

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Archana R Sankar, Sheela Kumar Gujjari, & P K, K. (2021). To Evaluate Aloe Vera- Chitosan Based Surgical Dressing to Chitosan Dressing Alone on the Healing of Palatal Donor Sites - A Pilot Study . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(4), 2530-2540.