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Micro perforate hymen is an uncommon congenital defect in which the hymen has a microscopic pinpoint aperture. It is a different entity from imperforate hymen, but it might present with more or less similar complaints. Here we are discussing about a unique case of pinpoint hymenal opening or microperforate hymen where the patient presented to us with primary infertility. Most cases of micro perforate hymen present in the paediatric age group with recurrent urinary tract infections and recurrent vulvovaginitis. Rare cases in a review of literature noted that a patient was seen to present with urethral dilatation during coital activity. In this case report, we present a patient who came with primary infertility who has never been examined in the past. She had regular menstrual cycles but scanty flow with the main complaint of dyspareunia. After examination, she was found to have microperforate hymen and suspected transverse vaginal septum defect. Hence, routine investigations were done, and we proceeded with hymenectomy. This example demonstrates the importance of a thorough genital examination and the inclusion of hymenal abnormalities in the differential diagnosis of women with recurrent dysuria, vaginitis, primary infertility, and oligomenorrhoea, so that early intervention can be done to improve the woman's quality of life and reduce pregnancy difficulties.


hymenal anomalies vaginal septal anomalies recurrent UTI recurrent vulvovaginitis primary infertility

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Pavithra Baskaran, & Nidhi Sharma. (2021). A Case Report of Microperforate hymen presented with primary infertility. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(4), 2519-2522.