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Ayurveda Samhita describes various types of Visha such as Sthavara Visha (Inanimate poison), Jangama Visha (Animate poison) and Kritima Visha. These types of Visha, when it enters into the body, it passes through the different Dhatus and give rise to different stages of Vega in the body and according to these Vegas, different types of signs and symptoms appear on the body. The main aim of this review article is to compile and evaluate the concept of Visha Vega and their sign & symptoms. All the descriptions of Visha Vega mentioned in different Ayurvedic texts were critically analyzed and discussed to check their relation. After analysis, it is observed that all the symptoms which appear during entering of the Visha are mainly due to their Vegas. As gradually stages of Vega progresses, their signs and symptoms gradually become more severe. After critically analyzed it is concluded that if we diagnosed the different Vegas of Visha  at the right time, we could treat those patients better.


Visha Visha Vega Dhatus

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Praveen Kumar, Manish Rajak, & Santosh Kumar Vishwakarma. (2021). Ayurvedic Concept of Vega of Visha - A Review Article. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(4), 2501-2506.