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Ayurveda has given much importance to prevent the diseases by stating various measures. Medicated smoke fumigation (Dhoopana) is one of such measures described for disinfection as well as protection from poisonous animals and insects. Herbal, herbo-mineral and animal origin formulations containing volatile oil and having antimicrobial property are used for medicated smoke fumigation. Fumigation with such drugs is safe, natural and cost effective technique. Mosquito borne diseases are major human health problem in all tropical and subtropical countries by affecting millions of people each year. Commercial repellents like Allethrin, DEET have been reported many harmful effects for humans. There is a need for further standardised studies in order to develop new products that offer high repellency as well as good consumer safety. A review is planned to investigate ingredients of Jatwadi Dhoom Agad through analyzing published experimental research work. Out of eight ingredients of Jatwadi Dhoom Agad, two showed mosquito repellent effect and three have mosquito larvicidal effect. This paper is foot step in the efforts to establish probable mode of action of Jatwadi Dhoom Agad as insect repellent. The effect of smoke of these drugs may be repellent for mosquitoes. All drugs have shown antimicrobial activity in vitro. This product has potential to be used as fumigation product in current COVID 19 pandemic.


Jatwadi Dhoom Agad Dhoopana Mosquito Repellent Antimicrobial Antiviral COVID-19

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Suryajeet H Pawar, Abhijit B Patil, Manasi Deshpande, Trupti Patil, & Sharvari Jawale. (2021). Review of Jatwadi Dhoom Agad as a proposed fumigation product for mosquito repellent and antimicrobial action. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(4), 2460-2468.