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Ahara plays an important role in our life. Actually, our healthy life mainly depends on the different types of Ahara which we consume in our daily routine. So Acharya Charak mentioned Ahara in the three Upastambha of Ayurveda. Viruddha Ahara, or incompatible diet, is a very important issue discussed by ancient Ayurveda. The substances which are contrary to dhatus behave with Viruddha to them. This Viruddha Ahara may be in terms of properties, combination, processing, place, time, dose etc. or natural composition. The main aim of this review article is to compile and evaluate the concept of Viruddha Ahara. All the descriptions of Viruddha Ahara mentioned in different Ayurvedic texts were critically analyzed and discussed to check their relation. After critically analyzed it is concluded that if due to Viruddha Ahara, various types of diseases appear in our body, so we should take the Ahara according to Ayurvedic concepts mentioned in different Ayurvedic texts.


Ahara Upastambha Incompatible diet Viruddha Ahara

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Manish Rajak, Praveen Kumar, & Ramesh Prasad. (2021). Viruddha ahara and its management - A review article. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(4), 2416-2420.