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ESRD causes changes within the daily lives of patients, creates limitations to perform activities and features a great impact on emotions and quality of life. Cognitive Impairment is common in individuals with CKD, particularly among those treated with dialysis. The aim of the study was to assess the cognitive function, complications, adherence and psychological distress in patients undergoing hemodialysis. The study included four questionnaires, 6CIT, ESRD-AQ, Kessler’s 10, MNSI. A total of 90 subjects were enrolled in the study based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Cognitive function was assessed using 6CIT; 19 (21.11%) subjects presented with mild impairment, and 7(7.78%) subjects with significant impairment. The psychological distress was measured using Kessler psychological distress scale K10 and 19(21.12%) subjects had mild distress, 9(10%) subjects with moderate distress and 6(6.66%) had severe psychological distress. Adherence was assessed using the End Stage Renal Disease Adherence Questionnaire (ESRD-AQ). It was found that all the 90(100%) subjects were adherent to hemodialysis attendance and medication. Hemodialysis related acute complications were assessed and it was shown that 84(93.33%) subjects had cardiovascular complications, 86(95.55%) subjects had neuromuscular complications, 72(80%) subjects had electrolyte imbalance, and 83(92.23%) subjects experienced complications like itching, sleep disorders, back pain etc. It was concluded that there would be an improvement in the QOL of subjects if there were necessary interventions & patient education in the early stages of CKD that can help in improving self-management skills of the individual subjects and prevent progression from staging 5-CKD.


Cognitive function End Stage Renal Disease Hemodialysis Psychological distress Quality of Life

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Vishnupriya R, Mridu Mariam Daniel, Robin Jacob Abraham, Anand Kumar Shah, Sheethal Kuriakose, & Dinesh Kumar Anand. (2021). Assessment of Cognitive function and Complications in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(4), 2361-2365.