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Invitro membrane-stabilizing potentials of fractionates of ethanolic extract of Carica Papaya leaf was investigated in this study. The soxhlet extraction method was used to extract the plant, fractionated with 6 different solvents to give 6 different fractions (hexane, ethyl acetate, chloroform, butanol, methanol benzene). Hbss red blood cells samples were obtained from non-crises state sickle cell patients from Eku Baptist hospital Abraka Delta State, Nigeria. These tests involved the use of positive (p-hydroxy benzoic acid 5ug/ml) and negative controls (normal saline) for membrane stability experiments. Hbss blood was treated with 2mg/ml to 10mg/ml in seven groups with leaf fractionates. Data was analyzed using ANOVA test. The results shows that osmotic fragility was reduced by the introduction of the leaf fractionate, with the highest rate of reduction noticed in the hexane 1 fractionate. PHBA reversal rate and osmotic fragility effect was normal at low doses, but as concentration increases, reversal rate and percentage reduction of sickling decreases. It was concluded that Carica papaya leaf extract fractions, just as its crude extracts, have as much osmotic fragility activities, and this is dose-dependent and has no negative effect on tested blood samples as compared with the treatments with PHBA.


Carica papaya Membrane stability Fractionate Sickle cell anaemia

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Ojongbede Onose, Naiho Alexender Obidike, Nwogueze Bartholomew Chukwuebuka, Ofulue Ofioritse Ogheneyoma, Daubry Tarela Melish Elias, Olowe Gideon Temitope, & Ebuwa Emmanuel Ikemefune. (2021). Invitro Membrane Stabilizing Potentials Of Fractionates Of Ethanolic Extract of Carica Papaya Leaf. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(4), 2335-2341.