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Last few decades the act of regular drug for the wound healing improving in many parts of India depends on the sources such as herbal, semi-synthetic and synthetic medicines. Despite the fact that pharmaceutical innovation currently has focused on the improvement of nano drug delivery systems such as liposomes, niosomes, nanosomes, ethosomes, dendrimers, nanoparticle etc. This could be a novel approach towards skin mediated drug delivery system. An attempt was made to formulate highly effective oxiconazole gel. In this current work oxiconazole, loaded ethosomes were formulated in the form of the gel for the treatment for the skin infection. The preformulation study confirms low interparticle friction between the drug and polymers with better flow property. FTIR and DSC analysis confirm that there is no prominent chemical reaction between oxiconazole and polymers. Ethosomes has been prepared by using the injection method by introducing semi-synthetic and natural polymers. The prepared ethosomes are in the range of micrometer and found as spherical in shape confirmed by TEM and SEM analysis. The smaller size of the particle and polyethylene glycol plays an important role to enhance the skin penetration. Evaluation study (such as drug entrapment efficiency, percentage yield, drug content, pH, viscosity and spreadability) for ethosomes has been carried out and found optimum as per the IP. Formulation E16 has shown a better result in sustaining the oxiconazole as 93% in 12h. The kinetic release study follows non-Fickian behaviour.


Antifungal Oxiconazole Skin infection Ethosomes

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Shaik Harun Rasheed, Rama Kotaiah Mogili, & Chandrasekhar Kothapalli Bannoth. (2018). Formulation and development of oxiconazole based ethosomal gel system for dermal delivery. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 1393-1400. Retrieved from