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The prevalence of lung diseases is increasing globally. Mortality, morbidity and respiratory disability are a growing health concern. The pulmonary function test is an accurate tool for detecting airway and lung abnormalities. Early diagnosis of respiratory disease is key to preventing mortality and morbidity. The current study has evaluated the relation of the anthropometric parameters and inspiratory parameters of pulmonary function test and also analyzed its behaviour over the growing age in Indian children. The current study included 2109 school-aged children aged 6 to 15. The height, weight, body mass index and body surface area were recorded. The spirometry was performed in accordance with the protocols. The parameters of the inspiratory flow volume loop were recorded. This study observed a good relation between the anthropometric parameters and inspiratory lung function parameters and the parameters were higher in males than in females. The behaviour of these parameters at various points of growing age was analyzed. This study revealed geographical, gender wise variation in the inspiratory parameters. The study also revealed different patterns of lung growth in boys and girls. Hence this study recommends to include inspiratory parameter assessment in the routine assessment of respiratory patients for early and accurate diagnosis of lung pathology in young children.


Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate Pulmonary Function Inspiratory Volume Prediction Equation Flow Volume Loo

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Sudeep Kale, Mangala Deshpande, Pandurang Thatkar, Sandeep Chaudhari, & Manisha Deshpande. (2021). Study on correlation of inspiratory pulmonary function parameters with anthropometric parameters and analysis of pattern of inspiratory parameters at various age points in Indian Children. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 2062-2068.