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The objective of this study is inspired from the immeasurable difference of COVID-19 incidence data between African & Indian population at peak prevalence month of its pandemic. Raw data analysis of Africa and India was schemed when COVID-19 situation as in peak on pandemic all over the world. The detected data distributions of inter-countries and other countries of Africa were comparatively studied on statistical basis of Correlation coefficient. The evaluation of p-values, ANOVA study with graphical representation on the comparative basis was carried out and interpreted. The screening of the large variation of data distribution has made uniform to get proper variation. The different mean± SD values are 67.142 ±69.91, 76.642± 66.747  & 77.21 ± 67.0215 and CV of these African countries shows 1.080, 0.90377 & 0.90076 respectively. Thus, ANOVA study showed no significance value, p < .05, where P-value is 0.913928 because of least variations. On the other hand, the % distribution of COVID-19 pandemic represents the wide difference of inter-continental difference of Africa from India, specifically of pie-chart. However, due to vast difference in COVID-19 intercontinental cases on restricted travellers interconnectivity tends to focus our attention to examine dietary roles in COVID-19.


COVID-19 survey on peak pandemic months intra-continental & Intercontinental data distribution Statistical resolution Dietary factor evolved

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Mustapha Ibrahim Abdullahi, Rakesh Das, Mohd. Almas Khan, Prabhjot Kaur Phull, & Mohd Wamiq Khan. (2021). COVID-19 patients’ interracial prevalence analysis: A statistically analysed distribution study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 2020-2027.