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The unique characteristics of natural honey obtained in any source in topical chronic nonhealing ulcers have been decreased discomfort, oedema, inflammation, deodorization, disinfect, neo-vascularization, collagen synthesis, granulation, epithelization and hence the ulcer treatment method. In that study, 200 patients were treated in a forward-looking, unrandomized experiment, with persistent, unhealing ulcers found in various areas of their body in the two groups keeping 100 in Group A and used honey dressing and Group B managed without using honey. Natural honey from multiple sources has been used. The main explanation for reduced mobility and loss of work illustrates productivity being pain and fever. The leading causes of healing delays were bacterial infection, necrotic tissue involvement, bedridden state, age, fatigue, Ulcer located near the joint. The quality, the simplicity of application and the efficiency make the control of recurrent nonhealing Ulcers easier for natural honey. For low cost, easy access, and improved healing make it a valuable option for natural honey to handle chronic, nonhealing ulcers, as well as healthy use in diabetic patients. 


Honey non-heling ulcers wounds

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Nizam Ahmed, Aftab Alam Khanzada, Muhammad Rafique Joyo, Tanveer Afzal, Niaz Hussain keerio, Ghazanfar Ali Shah, & Syed Shahid Noor. (2021). The outcome of natural honey used in chronic ulcers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1984-1989.

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