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The purpose of this study is to make Nebivolol more efficient by converting it into a liquid solid composite compressed tablet. Blending cum sonication process was used to create the liquid solid composite. By altering the independent variables such as vehicle, carrier, and superdisintegrants, nearly 12 compositions were created in a 23 factorial design with four centre points. The influence on response, such as disintegration time in seconds and wetting time in seconds, was then determined. In addition, the liquid solid composite was compacted into a tablet and its percent invitro drug release was assessed. Based on disintegration time and wetting time, the optimal solid liquid compacts sustained release tablet formulation was identified to be LSC6 , which may be ideal candidates for boosting the solubility and dissolution rate of less soluble medications like Nebivolol.


Liquid Solid composite Compresses tablet Optimization Disintegration time wetting time

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Kumar Babu P, Venkatachalam A, & Bhaskar Reddy K. (2021). Application of optimization tools for preparation of nebivolol liquid solid composite compressed tablet. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1967-1976.