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The aim of work is to extract and characterize the Vigna mungo polymer solvent using acetone and ethanol. Natural polymers contribution towards formulation of dosage forms is appreciable as they are biocompatible, biodegradable and safe. So extraction and characterization of Vigna mungo polymer helps in the interaction studies of preformulation. In this present study, various physicochemical characters like phytochemical screening, viscosity, particle size analysis, and flow characteristics were determined. Further characterization performed using FTIR and XRD. Vigna mungo polymer obtained using acetone was taken into further studies of evaluation because of more product yield and less particle size. FTIR results revealed existence of carbohydrate nature. X-ray diffractogram presented degree of crystallinity 26.4%. And phytochemical screening of the extracted polymer indicated presence of mucilage and carbohydrates using ruthenium red and molisch's test. Statistical analysis of data was performed using two way ANOVA using Graphpad prism 5 software was used to compare Vigna mungo polymer extracted using acetone and ethanol. Physicochemical parameters experimental data found to be statistical significance two way ANOVA (P < 0.05).


Natural Polymer Vigna Mungo Non-Solvent Acetone Ethanol

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Krishnaveni Manubolu, Sreenivasulu Munna, & Chandrasekhar Kothapalli Bonnoth. (2021). A Study on Extraction and Characterization of Vigna mungo Polymer. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1870-1878.