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Efficacy of candlenut oil and garlic oil with three concentrations of 1000 ppm, 500 ppm and 100 ppm tested its activity as a fertilizer of rabbit fur by applying hazelnut oil and garlic oil each of approximately 1 ml at spot prepared twice daily for 28 days. The result of the third activity test of this concentration tested the data with statistics and got the most optimum result as a grower of rabbit fur is candlenuts oil with the concentration of 1000 ppm with the average growth of length for 28 days is 0,6250 cm and garlic oil with concentration 500 ppm with the average length of growth for 28 days is 0.8417 cm, while for the most optimum rabbit fur weights are with garlic concentration of 1000 ppm with an average weight of 28 days is 0.3627 g, while the growth of rabbit fur weight most optimum for 28 days is candlenut 1000 ppm with an average weight for 28 days = 0.3518 g result of significant analysis at (p≤0,05).


Combination Extract Candlenut Garlic

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Misde Yola, Agung Wibowo, & Shelly Taurhesia. (2021). Activity and safety test combination of garlic exstract (Alium sativuml) and candlenut extract (Aleurites molucanna) as fertilizer rabbit fur. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1780-1787.