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Computer Systems Validation is a method used to ensure information is generated by a computer-based system that satisfies a set of specified requirements. Compliance with computerized systems is becoming increasingly relevant in the pharmaceutical industry as computer system validations have many benefits, such as enhancing quality control, reducing other validation costs and time, improving compliance with GMP 21 CFR Part 11 Regulation which affects the quality, health, identification or effectiveness of products subject to the GMP Regulations. Both the European Medicines Agency of Europe along with the Food & Drug Administration of the USA has developed CSV practice guidelines. An overview of relevant documents which fulfil the computer system validation along with its best practices implemented is presented below. Official requirements and standards of the USA, Europe, and Switzerland are taken as the main focus. The taken basic GMP guidelines' like Gamp, AVP and PDA implies the same principles and theories. They explain majorly about what to do view point of validation, whereas GAMP describes how to do validation. We strive to define the computer device validation needs of equipment conducted from a pharmaceutical industry perspective. The categorization of a computer system into various frameworks or categories gives the flexible approach for the validation of complex as well as simple computerized systems. The present review article discusses the implementation and various good practices of the pharmaceutical industry to maintain computer system validation. Implementing various good computer system validation activities reduces the re-work and always maintains the quality standards as per the user requirements; as a result of which the future trends will notice merging of various new implemented terminology and techniques as a common practice in mixed sectors.


Computer system validation Good automated manufacturing practices

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Chinta Sharvani, Vikas Jain, Hemanth Kumar, & Gangadharappa H V. (2021). Implementation of Good Computer System Validation Practices In Pharmaceutical Industry- A Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1729-1739.

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