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Amid rise in Covid-19 cases throughout the world including India. So study was initiated to find out the impact on different domains of health. A self-administered questionnaire was prepared, which consist of questions pertaining to the change in physical and mental health along with the quality of life during the lockdown period and was distributed through Google forms. During the survey, a total of 663 responses were collected, of which 604 responses were analyzed. Out of responses that were calculated, the physical health of 370 participants (61.30%) was improved, physical health of 111 (-18.40%) participants has deteriorated and the remaining 123 (20.30%) participants barely changed. The mental health of 274 (-45.30%) participants was declined, 201 (33.20 %) respondents tried to maintain a healthy mental state while 129 (29.30%) members maintained a peaceful state of mind. The quality of life of 290(48%) was adversely affected, 218 (36%) participants were able to maintain a healthier lifestyle, and their quality of life increased, while 96 (15.8%) remained unchanged. Quality of life is most negatively hampered whereas there is improved physical health status in the adult population. All the 3 components are Physical and Mental health along with Quality of life was affected due to Covid-19 related lockdown but out of these, physical health was 61.3% positively affected while mental health and QOL were deteriorated by 45% and 48% respectively.


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Tejal Patel, Aashi Bhatnagar, Junneshwar Bidve, Ashwin Kshirsagar, Satyam Bhodaji, Rekha Marbate, Avani Dabri, & Nilofer Mogal. (2021). An Impact of first COVID lockdown on physical and mental health along with the quality of life in Adults belonging to Maharashtra state. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1833-1839.