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The WHO declaration of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 as a pandemic has raised serious questions and has since been a global health concern. Data on the clinical characteristics, laboratory findings of deceased covid-19 individuals are sparse. The study analyzed the clinical and laboratory profiles of Covid-19 deceased in Zoram Medical College Mizoram, India. We gathered information from the Mizoram Government Covid-19 portal and hospital medical record section. The study examined eight confirmed Covid-19 deaths out of the total nine Covid-19 fatalities reported in Mizoram as of February 14, 2021. The decedents' mean age was 62.88 (±18.659) years; among them, 87.5% were males, and blood group B was associated with half of the deceased. In Mizoram, the case fatality rate, crude death rate, and recovery rate were 0.2%, 7.27 per million, and 99.40%, respectively, with 3547 cases per million. The median length of hospital and ICU stay (between admission and death) was 15.5 and 11 days. The common presenting symptoms were fever (75%), shortness of breath (62.5%), cough/ sore throat (50%). Hypertension (62.5%) and diabetes mellitus (62.5%) were the two most prevalent comorbidities, followed by cardiovascular diseases (25%). The concurrence of hypertension and diabetes mellitus constituted 87.5%, 75% of the decedents reported the presence of at least one of the comorbidities. The two most common complications were an acute respiratory failure (87.5%) and cardiovascular complications (87.5%). Increased risk of severe Covid-19 disease increases with advanced age (>60 years), gender (male), and underlying comorbidities.


Clinical characteristics Comorbidities Covid-19 deceased Covid-19 India Covid-19 Mizoram

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Andrew Lalchhuanawma, Divya Sanghi, & Lalhlimpuii Chawngthu. (2021). The prevalence of comorbidities and associated risk factors among Covid-19 deceased in Mizoram, India. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1822-1832.