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Intercostal stretch is a neuro physiological facilitation technique which has been proved to be effective on the ventilator parameters. Smoking is a worldwide problem which causes major health risks that are related to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Cigerrete smoking causes the alteration in lung function, increase the air way resistance and also irritates the airways. 30 subjects were taken for the study those who met with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Intercostal stretch was given to the subjects from 3rd to 8th rib. Chest expansion and 6 minute walk distance was calculated pre and post intervention immediately. Paired t test was calculated. The results of the study suggest that there is no significant difference in six minute walk distance (p>0.05) and there is a significant improvement in the chest expansion (p<0.05) immediately after the intercostal stretch in healthy smokers.


Intercostal Stretch Lung Function Smokers 6MWD Neurophysiological Facilitation Chest Measurement

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Siva Jyothi N, Senthil Selvam P, Srikar Narla, Yatheendra Kumar G, Subramanian S S, Jibi Paul, Mallela Bharath Kumar, & Ravi Shankar Reddy. (2021). Immediate effect of intercostal stretch on chest expansion in healthy smokers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(2), 1639-1643.