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For an increasing number of infections and causative agents, treatment becomes more difficult or impossible because of the loss of antibiotic efficacy. As a result, resistance is a real public health problem. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the frequency of community bacterial infection as well as to establish a susceptibility profile of bacteria isolated from antibiotics. It is a prospective study, descriptive type. It was conducted in a non-hospital setting over a six-month period. The inclusion criteria were all positive specimens: urinary examination, vaginal sampling, urethral sampling, pus, sputum, sperm. Exclusion criteria included patients with negative examinations and other microorganisms (viruses, fungal infections and parasites). The data collection was done using an information sheet. An antibiogram is performed for the study of resistance. Data mining was performed and analyzed statistically. Of 1565 samples that met the inclusion criteria, 1228 strains were Gram-negative bacilli (78.46%), 323 Gram-positive cocci (20.64%), 14 Gram-negative cocci (0.9%). The sex ratio was 2.2. The distribution of isolates showed a predominance of urinary examinations 1076 (68.8%), vaginal samples 195 (12.5%), urethral specimens 111 (7.1%), sputum 105 (6.7%), spermocultures 36 (2.3%), plus 28 (1.8%) and various 14 (0.8%). It was represented by Escherichia coli 986 (63.1%), Klebsiella pneumoniae 235 (15.1%), Staphylococcus sp 106 (6.8%), Enterococcus sp 64 (4.1%), Streptococcus sp 59 (3%). , 8%), Enterobacter sp 39 (2.5%), Pseudomonas sp 28 (1.7%), Proteus sp 25 (1.5%), Neisseria gonorrhoae 13 (0.8%), Citrobacter koseri 8 (0%) , 5%) and Acinetobacter sp 2 (0.1%). The susceptibility frequency of enterobacteria is represented by amoxicillin + clavulanic acid 49.3%, ceftriaxone 97.1%, cefuroxime 89%, cefotaxime 100%, gentamicin 69.6%, ciprofloxacin 75.1% , sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim 41.1% and doxycycline 29.9%. 


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Hicham Chemsi, Farida Hilali, Abdelilah Laraqui, Tahar Bajjou, & Yassine Sekhsokh. (2021). Resistance profile of bacteria to antibiotics in an out hospital environment. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(2), 1620-1623.