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Diabetes mellitus is a fast-growing pandemic. In India, the urban population is more prone to disease rather than the rural Indian population. Dietary habits, faulty lifestyle, and urbanization leading to reduced physical exercise may be responsible to a large extent. Indian system of medicine, namely Ayurveda cited a disease entity named Prameha. It is a clinical syndrome that includes various clinical conditions like, obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. The symptomatology, types, and sub-types mentioned in the context shows relevance with modern times rationale of free fatty acid and its role in peripheral insulin resistance. The article put an emphasis on those cases of chronic diabetes (DM type 2) which becomes insulin dependent in later phase of life and its coherence with Vatolwana prameha of kaphaja and pittaja variety(Kaphaja and Pittajaprameha with predominant Vata). This review article focuses on the Ayurvedic management of chronic insulin dependent type 2 diabetics. Various research papers indexed in Pubmed, SCOPUS, and Web of Science was deeply studied and cited appropriately in the article. The closest possible correlation of modern and Ayurveda principles and their relevance in the present time is tried to be drawn. The treatment protocol given in Ayurveda texts is scientific enough to be taken into consideration for making it as the first-line treatment of not only diabetes mellitus but also in the cases of obesity and metabolic syndrome.


Diabetes Mellitus Metabolic Syndrome Obesity Prameha KhadiraKramukakashaya Siddha Tail

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Amrit Godbole, Abhinav, Sweta K M, Arpit Srivas, Vandana Singh, Pratyush Sharma, Singh O P, & Tripathi J S. (2021). Role of Sneha kalpana (Oil based formulation) in the management of Vataja Prameha (Vata predominance Prameha) w.s.r. to Khadira-kramuka kashaya siddha taila. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(2), 1572-1578.