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Natural compounds that occur either in pure form or as extract after standardization from medicinal plants, provide a limitless chance for new discovery leads because of consummate chemical diversity. The rising demand for compounds that occur naturally during screening studies, that has therapeutic action predominantly on the vegetative part of the plant has grown across the world. In this study, Papaverine compound was isolated from aqueous Ethanolic extract (80%) from vegetative (leaf) part of herbal plant Erythrina subumbrans (Hassk.)  Merr. Isolated compound was subjected for characterization studies like Thin layer chromatography (TLC), Mass spectrophotometry (MS), Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR), 1H and 13C Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Confirmatory study using the aqueous ethanolic crude extract by MS technique and mass library match confirms the presence of Papaverine compound. Further, in-vitro cytotoxic activity using Human Melanoma cell line (A375) was carried out using the isolated compound (papaverine), Aqueous ethanolic extract and standard Cisplatin. Six different Concentration ranging from 3.125 to 100 µg/ml were prepared. Control samples were prepared without standard and samples solution. Absorbance measured at 570 nm in UV-Vis spectrophotometer using a microplate reader and the % of viability was calculated. IC50 value of Aqueous ethanolic extract of Erythrina subumbrans, isolated compound-Papaverine and standard Cisplatin exhibits value of 82.14µg, 23.43 µg & 4.02 µg respectively. 


Erythrina subumbrans (Hassk.) Merr Papaverine Human Melanoma Cell Line (A375) Cisplatin

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Ganesh S, & Vijey Aanandhi M. (2021). In-vitro Cytotoxic activity of Papaverine compound isolated from Aqueous Ethanolic leaf extract of Erythrina subumbrans (Hassk.) Merr. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(2), 1396-1403.