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The Objective of the study was to formulate a novel, topical hydrogel system containing pumpkin seed extract for the Over Active Bladder treatment. Formulations were prepared using pumpkin seed extract (1.0% w/v) and varying concentration of Carbopol (0.5%-1.25% w/v) was used as a gel base. The prepared topical gels were evaluated for Drug content, pH, Physical appearance, viscosity, content uniformity, and In vitro drug diffusion. The results demonstrated that different formulations of Pumpkin seed extract (1%) in consolidation with carbopol 940 exhibited in the gel preparation that was considerably uniform and stable. The spreadability of an optimized formulation was found to be 1.5cm and the% drug diffusion at the 6thhour was found to be 56.35%. The drug content was found to be 94.5%. Viscosity was found to be 3.78 Lakhs cps. The pHwas found to be 6.80. Drug content & Physical Appearance revealed that the formulations were stable. Moreover, it was concluded that hydrogel containing herbal extract is safe and effective for treatment of over Active Bladder (OAB).


Diffusion studies Hydrogel Pumpkin seed extract OAB Spreadability

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Kunal K Mehta, Vishal Gupta N, Gowda DV, & Manohar M. (2018). Design and development of the herbal formulation for the treatment of overactive bladder. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 1293-1298. Retrieved from