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Neck pain found to be most common musculoskeletal condition in office workers with 12-month prevalence. Mechanical neck pain can be classified into two categories in clinical studies mechanical neck pain which has patients without any identifiable anatomic cause and leaves patients having neurological dysfunctions cervicogenic headache and inflammatory disorders. Current research work has total of 150 participants out of which there were 100 females school teachers having mean age of 37.8 years(median 38 years) and 50 male school teachers having mean age 40 years (median 39 years). Participants included in the study were professionally active school teachers of primary, secondary and senior secondary. Scapula position and neck disability was examined as per keiblers lateral scapular slide test and Neck disability index. Total 150 teachers were included in the study 80 teachers having mechanical neck pain (study group) and 70 teachers not having mechanical neck pain (control group) statistically significant difference found in scapula position and neck disability. In the present research, it is found that there is statistically significant difference in scapula position protraction and upward rotation at three different levels as well as there are statistically significant changes observed in neck disability. 


Shoulder and/neck pain School teachers Posture disability

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Jyoti Kataria, Bijender Sindhu, & Sonia Pawaria. (2021). Effect of Mechanical Neck pain on Neck Disability and Scapula position among School Teachers in Delhi and NCR. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(2), 1260-1265.