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Sushruta explained about Guda-Roga, i.e. Ano Rectal Disease in Shalya Tantra. It includes no. of disease out of them one is Parikartika," i.e. Fissure – in – Ano. Lifestyle diseases are mainly caused by improper work pattern, stressful life, improper diet intake and improper sleep habits. These causative factors produce indigestion which leads to various lifestyle disorders, specially anorectal disorders like piles, fissure in ano, fistula in ano etc., constitute a significant group. Priyangvaadi Gana siddha tail in the management of Parikartika. The present study is designed as a Randomized, single-blind parallel in which 60 patients will be enrolled. Priyangvaadi Gana Siddha Taila Pichu and Yastimadhu tail Pichu will be given for basti twice a day. Assessment will be done 0th, 7th day, 14thday, and 28th day. The changes are expected to be observed in subjective parameters such as pain bleeding per rectum with itching as well as with objective parameters such as Parikartika Healing.  The study is expecting the nonsurgical management of fissure in ano with respect to the impact of Priyangvaadi Gana Siddha tail pichu and Yastimadhu tail Pichu. The research is expecting to be a baseline and benchmark of the prospective studies in Acute Fissure in ano (Parikartika). 


Parikartika Yastimadhu tail pichu Priyangvaadi Gana siddha Taila

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Sudheer Kumar Patle, Alok Kumar Diwedi, Harjodh Singh, & Rakesh Khatana. (2021). Randomized controlled clinical trial to study the efficacy of Priyangvaadi Gana Siddha tail in the management of Parikartika w.s.r. to fissure-in-ano-An Ayurvedic management protocol. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(2), 982-986.