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Metabolic syndrome (MetS), is a collection of lipid and non-lipid cardiac related disease risk factors, is an important public health issue because of its higher prevalence with development of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Henry Kahn anticipated lipid accumulation product (LAP), as a novel marker of central lipid accumulation, to predict the risk of MetS. This study was conducted in Department of Biochemistry of MMIMSR, Ambala, Haryana. In the current study, we are researching over a new diagnostic tool for diagnosing MetS by LAP use. MetS is diagnosed by National Cholesterol Education Program Adults treatment panel III (NCEPATP III) and then compared with LAP to find its efficacy over other variables. 200 volunteers were enrolled in this study, their biochemical parameters were estimated and anthropometric measurements were taken. MetS was diagnosed in apparently healthy subjects. LAP was calculated by Henry Kahn formula and required statistical tools were applied to analyse results. The parameters of MetS positive cases were compared with LAP and its validity was tested statistically. 56 (28%) out of 200 subjects were positive for MetS. More females (30) than males (26) were diagnosed positive for MetS. LAP values were found to be higher in MetS cases, its efficacy was confirmed by ROC curves. MetS was diagnosed in volunteers who were considering themselves as healthy. Raised LAP and LAP2 were found, in MetS positive subjects than MetS negative. Relation of LAP and MetS came to be strong. Further, researches in this area are definitely recommended.


Metabolic Syndrome LAP Diabetes Waist Circumference

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Bhumija Sharma, Suvarna Prasad, Sunita Manhas, Bhawani Shankar Modi, & PriyankaTangri. (2021). Identification of lipid accumulation product (LAP) as a marker of metabolic syndrome: a study in healthy population of MMU. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(2), 958-966.