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Scimitar syndrome is an uncommon entity characterised by a combination of cardio-pulmonary anomalies that is consistently associated with partial or total anomalous venous drainage of one lung into the inferior vena cava and right lung hypoplasia. In infants and young children, it usually presents with cyanosis and failure to thrive, whereas, the presentation in adults is rare. Here, we report a 45 year old female who presented with lower respiratory infection and the chest radiograph showed ‘Scimitar sign’. Contrast CT chest was done which confirmed the diagnosis of scimitar syndrome. Due to the absence of severe symptoms, she was managed conservatively without cardiac catheterization and surgery. This case is reported due to the rarity of the condition in adults.


Scimitar syndrome Anomalous pulmonary Venous drainage Right lung hypoplasia Dextrocardia

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Nithyananthan P, Kannan R, Mahendrakumar K, Rajendran K, Haji M, & Meenakshi K. (2018). Scimitar Syndrome in an Adult: Case Report and Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 1265-1267. Retrieved from