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Caralluma is one of the prominent genus out of 200 genera and 2500 species of Asclepiadaceae family. Caralluma genus belongs to Asclepiadaceae and is widely distributed in Asia countries, Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Canary Islands and Southeast Europe. In folkloric medicine, as well as in Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicine, the plants of Caralluma are being used for the treatment of diabetic patients and rheumatism. Tribals consider some of them as food during famines and also as a part of the traditional medicinal system. In India and Pakistan, Caralluma species have been used as emergency foods for the last few centuries. As allopathic medicines possess toxic nature and side effects, the use of plant-based medicine is becoming popular. This lead to a sudden enhancement in the production of herbal drugs. At present Caralluma is gaining much importance from researchers because it possesses array immunostimulating activities due to presence flavonoids and saponins and pregnane glycosides as active components. The present article thoroughly reviewed about various phytochemicals present in different species of Caralluma. Tabulated a list of phytochemicals isolated by various researchers from different plants of the Caralluma genus. Further, listed out the species on which enthusiastic researchers of this field can extend their investigation.


Asclepiadaceae Caralluma Medicinal plants Pharmacological activi-ties Phytochemical library

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