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UV spectrophotometric study is the most economical method for studying and validating the drug. In this present study, a new method has been developed and validated for Ceritinib in its bulk form and its dosage form. Ceritinib showed the maximum absorbance at 206nm. The method obeyed Beer Lambert's law and the linearity concentration range was found to be 2-10 μg/ml. The results for other validation parameters were analyzed statistically and were found to fall within the acceptance criteria. The recovery studies and assay studies were found to be satisfactory.


Ceritinib Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry Validation

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Janardhana Reddy VL, Raveendra Reddy P, & Sreenivasulu S. (2018). Method development and validation of Ceritinib in bulk and pharmaceuti-cal dosage form by UV spectrophotometry. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 1141-1145. Retrieved from