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A cross-sectional study to evaluate the effects of occupational petrol exposure on the kidney and liver of petrol station workers in Kirkuk city was done. 29 petrol pump workers who were continuously exposed to petrol for at least one year in the Kirkuk city having no medical history and 10 healthy age-matched controls who were never exposed to petrol were enrolled. These serum parameters of both the groups were compared by the Mann-Whitney U test. Since all the parameters studied were normal in the workers exposed to petrol, it can be concluded that petrol did not affect their liver and kidney health. However, higher levels of serum cholesterol, TG, and LDL in the petrol station workers as compared to the controls are suggestive of higher risk of developing liver damage. Larger studies should be conducted to validate the findings of the present study further.


Petrol Liver Kidney Occupational exposure Liver damage

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Dlawer Abdulhammed Ahmad AL-Jaff. (2019). Evaluation of renal and liver function in petrol station workers in Kirkuk city. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1029-1034.