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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic progressive metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia. Adherence to the treatment regimen and self-management of diabetes mellitus form the nucleus of diabetic control. Empowerment is a patient-centred, collaborative approach tailored to match the fundamental realities of diabetes care. Patients need to learn about diabetes and how to safely care for it on a daily basis. Hence a questionnaire was developed and validated for assessment of patient attitude towards self-management of type II diabetes mellitus. The questionnaire was examined for internal consistency, reproducibility, convergent and discriminant validity using Cronbach's alpha, intraclass correlation and CITC scores respectively. The final version of the questionnaire was found to be statistically internally consistent, reproducible and reliable and could be used to assess the awareness and attitude of patients towards self-management of diabetes mellitus.


Diabetes Mellitus Self -Management Adherence Questionnaire

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Ashok Kumar M, & Shanmugasundaram P. (2019). Development of a Validated Questionnaire to Assess Attitude of Patient to-wards Self-Management among uncontrolled diabetic population in Tamil Nadu . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1089-1095.