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To assess the level of metabolic antioxidant-uric acid in obese individuals. Obesity is the major health problem worldwide. This condition leads to the development of or causative factors for the many other disease conditions like cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, diabetes mellitus and so on. Many metabolic products are synthesized in this condition may prevent or proceed with the disease condition. So, the current study aimed to assess the one of the metabolic product- uric acid level in obese individuals. 20 age and sex-matched healthy individuals with BMI (19.9-24.9), 20obese individuals were selected from those attending the outpatient department of Saveetha Dental College, and hospitals. Informed consent was obtained from the patients before sample collection. 5 ml of venous blood was collected in plain collection tubes and centrifuged in3000rpm. Then serum was separated and analyzed to estimate the Serum Uric acid by Uricase method using ERBA CHEM 5 plus analyzer. Mean BMI and Uric acid level of the control group were 21.89±1.87 and 3.57±0.9respectively. Mean BMI and Uric acid level of the study group were 37.13±5.13 and 6.0±1.28. There is a significant difference between these two groups with the p-value of 0.0001. The data of the present study suggested uric acid level was increased in obese individuals.


Antioxidant Uricase method Obesity Uric acid level

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