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In the present study leaf tissue of host plant Calotropis procera was screened for the presence of endophytic fungi. The crude extract of the isolated endophytic fungi was tested for various chemical groups like alkaloids, flavonoids, diterpenoids and phenols. Our study showed the presence of 25 endophytic fungi isolated from the leaf tissue which constituted15 Hyphomycetes, 3 Ascomycetes, 3 Coelomycetes and 4 sterile forms. The qualitative analysis in all the 25 isolates showed the presence of alkaloid, phenol in 23 fungi, flavonoid in 19 and diterpenoids in 18 fungi. Fifteen endophytic fungi produced all chemical groups tested in the crude extract. Bipolaris sp a hyphomycete produced only one compound in culture. Among the four groups endophytic fungi Coelomycetes group able to produce all chemical groups tested.


Endophytic fungi Alkaloid Flavonoid Diterpenoids

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Vinibha Rajakumari I, Kalyanaraman Rajagopal, Sriraman V, Vanitha V, & Mohanasundaram S. (2018). Various chemical groups produced by endophytic fungi isolated from the Calotropis procera- A pharmaceutically important xerophytic plant. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(1), 82-85. Retrieved from