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Olax scandens Roxb. (family Olacaceae) Available in throughout tropical India. The current study, aerial parts of different extracts of Olax scandens by different in-vitro methods. The antioxidant activity was evaluated by Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity(OH radical), Nitric oxide radical scavenging activity(NO radical), and total antioxidant activity (Phosphomolybdic acid method) with reference standard Ascorbic acid. An IC50 value was originated that methanolic extracts of Olax scandensis more efficient in Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity, Nitric oxide radical scavenging, total antioxidant activity than that of EA and petroleum ether extract. The methanolic  extracts  of Olax scandens & ascorbate exhibited antioxidant potential possessing IC50 253µg/ml & 135µg/ml (NO radical ), 205µg/ml & 57µg/ml (Phosphomolybdic acid method), 265µg/ml & 65µg/ml (OH radical) respectively. But when compared to all the three extracts with ascorbate (standard), the methanolic extract of the Olax scandens showed a better result. Moreover, the results were observed in a concentration-dependent manner. Invitro antioxidant studies obviously showed that methanolic extracts of Olax scandens have better antioxidant activity. These results indicate that aerial parts of methanolic concentrates Olax scandals could serve as a natural antioxidant, which may be useful to prevent free radical-induced diseases.


Olax scandens NO radical activity OH radical activity total antioxidant activity

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Pranaya P, & AkilaDevi D. (2020). An Investigation of free radical scavenging activity of various extracts of Olax scandens (family Olacaceae). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 397-402.