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Neutrophils spreading are a key event in the development and progression of inflammation, which is signaled by cytokines. In order to undergo inflammation process, neutrophils will migrate towards the site of infection by adhering along the endothelium and undergoing a major morphological transition from a spherical shape to a flattened shape, which is known as neutrophils spreading. Neutrophils transmigrate, whether by migration between the endothelial cells or through an endothelial cell. Calpain are involved in several key aspects of migration, including adhesion and spreading. Neutrophils were isolated from whole blood and observed under the microscope in order to study their spreading behavior. The results of neutrophils spreading were recorded and measured in terms of the cells surface area of spreading after stimulation with chemoattractant. This study showed the inhibition of calpain, which is triggered by Ca2+ influx has prevented neutrophils from changing its shapes and spread to its optimal. fMLP induced calpain inhibitor-treated neutrophils demonstrated smaller spreading areas (116.09µm2±2.58) as compared to the positive control cells (219.88µm2±3.73). Therefore, a calpain inhibitor may play an important part in preventing neutrophils from spreading, which could halt the progression of inflammatory disorders.


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Nur Sakinah Nor Adami, Mohammad Rohani Jais, Elysha Nur Ismail, & Reezal Ishak. (2020). The effect of calpain inhibitor on neutrophils spreading ability. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 274-279.