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Orodispersible tablets (ODTs) were the conventional product that disintegrates or dissolves into the buccal mucosa in less than 1mins in the absence of water and without chewing. They were first acquainted with the market during the 1980s, and end up one of the quickest developing subdivisions of the oral medication conveyance industry and their items are creating at an extraordinary rate. New orodispersible tablet innovations address numerous pharmaceutical and need of patients, extending from upgraded life-cycle the executives for reasonable medicating for pediatric, aged, and mental patients with trouble in swallowing. These supposedly affect about 35% of the all-inclusive community and related to various ailments like Parkinsonism, mental incapacity, motion sickness, obviousness, water inaccessibility, and so on. Other individuals possibly will face difficulties by utilizing control release solid oral product comprise the psychologically ill, partially developed patients, and rare patients those are unco-operative, on taking place diminished fluid consumption and are nauseated. To defeat such troubles, orodispersible tablets have been formulated. In this dosage form, the property of ODTs can be reached by the expansion of various additives such are super- the disintegrating agent is the main excipient. This has been motivated by both industry and academia to develop advanced orally dispersible products and advanced methodologies in the market. The ODTs are the most extensively implemented marketable products than others. The main purpose of this review paper is to provide the complete information of ODTs formulation


ODTs Super disintegrants Dysphagia Parkinsonism

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Akshay Kumar S, Gowda D V, Sharadha M, & Akhila A R. (2020). The insights on Oro-dispersible tablet. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 260-273.