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Ipomoea pestigridis (Linn) (family Convolvulaceae) is commonly known as “Tiger Foot Morning Glory” in English and locally known as ‘Pulichuvadi’ or ‘Pulichuvadu’ in Malayalam. The current study, aerial parts of different concentrates(Pet.ether, ethyl acetate, and methanol) of I.pestigridis, was evaluated for its in-vitro antioxidant potential by nitric oxide activity, total antioxidant activity, iron chelating activity taking ascorbate & Ethylenediamine tetraacetate as the standard correspondingly. An IC50 value was originated that EA concentrates of I.pestigridis  more efficient in nitric oxide activity, total antioxidant activity, Iron chelating capacity compared methanolic & PE concentrates. The ethyl acetate concentrates of I.pestigridis  & ascorbic acid exhibited antioxidant potential possessing IC50 226µg/ml & 66µg/ml (Nitric oxide). 185µg/ml & 60µg/ml (total antioxidant) , 287µg/ml & 65µg/ml (iron-chelating Activity) respectively. The difference in the scavenging potential of the extracts can be due to variation in the percentage of bioactive compounds present in different solvents.  Invitro antioxidant studies obviously show  EA concentrates of I.pestigridis have better antioxidant activity. These results indicate that aerial parts of methanolic concentrate I.pestigridis  could serve as a natural antioxidant, which may be useful in preventing free radical-induced diseases.


I.pestigridis Nitric oxide radical scavenging total antioxidant Iron chelating activity

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Bheemreddy Thrinitha, Murali R, & Manichandrika P. (2020). Evaluation of in vitro antioxidant activity of different extracts of entire plant of Ipomoea pestigridis Linn. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 185-190.